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The fact

Best game in kemco good graphics and good plot

Great rpg

I like the game. My only real complaint is the lack of an overworld. Instead you just go from one dungeon to another. Now I got the game for 99 cents so it's not exactly a deal killer for me.

Quite OK

Even though the game isn't too bad, I don't like the control. You could easily run like a headless chicken when you move your thumb too far away from the virtual joy stick. Earlier in the game, the game crashes very often! Later, there is no more crash. Story wise, it is a bit choppy until 3/4 through the game. You would learn every thing and would understand why things are what they are. In game money is useless because you could earn tons of money if you could open the dungeon (loot and treasure) that require SNR points to buy. The max level is only 150 which is not really enough for after game dungeon. The last boss in the dungeon 1 hit me (7k+ damage) even with max level possible characters. The only way to survive is to buy golden apple to increase stat. Luckily, earning SNR points isn't that difficult. To earn a SNR point, you need to get S rate from a battle. To get the S rate, you need to hit monsters with its weakness element (red number font) at least 3 times and defeat them within 5 turns. Each monster being hit is counted as 1 time. However, the count is increased if you hit monster with its strong element (gray number font). Overall, it is OK. I would prefer the game to be more balance and better control.

Didn't Disappoint

I had been eyeing this game for awhile now, but now that it has gone on sale for only a dollar, the opportunity was too good to miss. I had already gotten another game from this company, Aeon Avenger, and it wasn't nearly as fun to play as this one. I'm about 3-4 hours in the game, and I have to say, I don't regret spending that dollar one bit. I liked the graphics of this game a lot; I mostly liked the character art since I'm into that style of anime. Also, all the art seemed polished and felt nice to be surrounded by. I always love seeing good art in a game because I feel like it really contributes to a person's opinion of a game. The battle system wasn't dull at all, and I liked that the skills were able to damage rows or columns of enemies. Also, I got stuck in Aeon Avenger and I couldn't seem to be able to kill a certain boss no matter how hard I tried, but this game gives just the right amount of challenge for me to beat the bosses in somewhat close calls. I'm not someone who is into tough strategic RPGs, so this appealed to me more. The story isn't something totally new, but it gives that feeling of familiarity of a well-known storyline and a nice mix of new elements added. The only part that bothered me was (slight spoiler) when Elena suddenly went in hiding for two years right after a happy little scene. That ruined it for me because it was an important plot event that seemed a bit rushed. Also no one close to her shows too much expression when finally finding her after two years. But I might just be overreacting.(Spoiler end) Silver Nornir is a great game with polished graphics, a strategic battle system, a friendly level of difficulty, and cliche storyline (but done in a good way). If you find this game on sale, which it turns up from time to time, I definitely recommend getting it and giving it a try. Who knows? You might enjoy it as much I as am.

Not worth your time

Wonky controls, lousy story, everything has to be figured out by yourself with no explanation of game mechanics. 3/4 of the way through, the game inexplicably stops guiding you where to go, and the game nosedives into aimless wandering. There are no walkthroughs on the Internet. And the ones claiming to have walkthroughs are scam sites, so there's no resolution when you get stuck. I deleted it and will avoid future games by this developer.

beyond expectation

thought it was just an ordinary game, but turned out to be more

Something is wrong with this game,

I just downloaded this game and could not play. No english available for me, so cannot read anything.


Crashes whenever a battle loads...pretty expensive for a game that does not work.....you have been warned

RPG's are awsome!

I like the storyline, love the characters ( specially abyss ), the gameplay itself , and eveything about this game. ^_^


Really fun old school rpg


I'm stuck...Castle town and the Goddess Tower did not open up...figured it out go right in town and you can find it after the path


I love this app! It's so fun and a great rpg!

A few shortcomings

Way to many bugs and no updates to fix these issues. The game doesn't have enough adventure to consider itself an rpg (beat a stage move to next, rinse and repeat.) Around about half way trough the game fights become ridiculously simple... (bosses don't even get a chance to hit me because they r dead after 3 hits). Theres plenty more to cover but I don't care to continue... Just like the game play.

I Love RPG's

This game has a lot of good elements, but I am probably a dummy, how do you remove the round boulder in the cave? It's probably easy.

A very fun RPGs

It can get very addicting and grinding isn't as bad as in other RPGs

Good game, but...

The grading system seems really arbitrary. Is this going to affect the ending that I see? I do highly recommend the game, though.

Great Turn-Based iOS RPG

Having played dozens of the retro-RPGs available for the iOS market, this one is among the best. Has many of the common elements of the genre, while introducing innovative concepts. While it takes some time to learn the complexities, a novice should have no issues enjoying the game and will be able to learn strategy as they follow along with the well-written (though at times childish) story. The characters are developed throughout the progression of the game, and (as is standard in good RPGs) raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of good and evil. I nornmally am skeptical about paid games with in-app purchases. However, I was pleased to learn that the same points available for purchase can be earned in-game (few early, but end-game they become much more frequent). If you enjoy games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc. and are looking to try a new turn-based RPG ... then this is a great pick.

Must buy.

Great game for $3 for a short time only.

Another fun jrpg

Another well deseigned game. Makes me glaf i have an iphone despite the data fees.

Good game

Good game so far

My honest review

So I decided to play this game on a whim after reading the reviews. Here is what I thought... Story The story is so common. Hero of destiny, off to save the world. Good when done right but this seems so sped up it lacks focus. I feel they threw the story together overnight... 1/5 Characters The characters are so paper thin. I am the funny one, I am the mysterious one. I am the prince one. I feel the characters just say what's on their mind and have no depth to them. Also the character portraits so no facial expression beyond their initial art design. 1/5 Graphics Here is the reason I bought the game it is your typical old school rpg and they do deliver. Sprites are fine, menu's are ok backgrounds are pretty good too. 4/5 Gameplay The gameplay actually isn't that bad. It plays like a traditional turn based rpg. The spells are cool and the combo's you can do are fun. The magic gem thing is a little hard to understand at first but you get use to it. Overall it delivers as promised. 4/5 Summary If you can get through the horrid story and character development it's a decent rpg. But if your looking for a story that's a tad bigger than what a grade schooler could come up with move along. 2/5

Very interesting characters...

I'm beginning to like this rpg!! So much similar to the final fantasy and tales series... I'm very surprised about the characters as well. The girl Elena kind of reminds me of one of those touhou characters... And Secile, the big long-haired samurai guy is very similar to Gakupo from Vocaloid... Great gameplay, great storyline, and great characters!

Great RPG!

This is a great jrpg for the ios. I really like the battle system and graphics. The story is pretty good too. All in all, I think it's my favorite rpg published by Kemco.

Seems awesome in the snes retro way

I've been on a final fantasy kick lately and grabbed this on a whim since it was on sale for like $3. I plan to refine this review as I know more. My best 1 liner would be that I won't hesitate at all to pick up as many of this devs other RPGs as I can afford if I catch them on sale. My first impression is much like the old snes jrpg games but with cute anime style char portraits and some fun innovations on the traditional formula. These innovations include leveling gems, an alias system, a fight rating system, formation differences and a unique skill system. It's worth noting, before I get started, that this one has the classic random encounter system, action true turn based combat and the storyline's initial impressions are quite positive. The keeper made me love her before I ever got to move. My only negatives is that the world map is a collection of location dots and the combat is too easy.. Especially if you grind SNP. I am the type that thinks ff4's hard mode is still too easy though but this is easier than that. Magic is granted by equipping gems that level up granting more spells. 3 gems can be equipped and each increases 1 stat and lowers another progressively. Different combos also determine spell availability. Not much to say about the alias system; it's titles and some affect stats. No clue about any other function. Fights are ranked with S being the highest. Getting S ranks grants a currency you can spend in a shop. One can buy the currency but I think I like the idea of being rewarded for good tactics. A rank gives more gold/xp but not the currency. The most important and expensive thing for S currency only costs 100 and there's 2 of them so it doesn't seem like its money grabbing too bad. I'm not sure about the formation details but its split into 3 rows and range is an issue for weapons and damage taken/received is increased in the front. Skills operate on a different resource that builds up as you attack, get attacked, etc. with super moves avail at 100 tp. Each chars special skills can be used regardless of what chars turn it is if needed.


A little slow at times but is very interesting and has a good plot line. Moar people should try the awesome game! I like it

Great game

Completely above expectaion

Another 3 bucks

Well worth it tho but now I've got a full page of their RPGs love these guys games but can't beat 1 for the next coming out lol great job as usual

Omg yes

I love kemco RPGs and this one is just as great as the others home run must get trust me.

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